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PSPC: Personality and Social Psychology Connections

New materials are no longer being added to this site, but its archives can still be accessed here. 

PSPC was an online information resource that examined theory and research in personality and social psychology, the psychological causes and consequences of contemporary events, and methodological and professional issues in the field. The site included commentaries and analyses, applications, and summaries published papers in the field.

Commentary and Analysis. The best way to learn about the field is by reading the commentary and analysis of social and personality psychologists, examining questions ranging from interpersonal attraction and aggression down to adjustment and individual differences in basic personality tendencies. We have asked experts in the field to provide commentary and analysis in these pages.

SPSP Responds. As Kurt Lewin suggested, “nothing is as practical as good theory,” and his observation is particularly true when that theory is drawn from personality and social psychology. SPSP seeks to respond to current national and world events by providing insights drawn from the field’s unique disciplinary perspective.

Current Contents. The work of personality and social psychologists is published in such scientific journals as Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and the Journal of Personality. offers here a review of the contents of publications from the field.

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